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Newsletter 2022

Peoria County has NEW Address Request Form that will allow a citizen to receive a new or corrected 9-1-1 address, hyperlink: Peoria County Address Request Form (arcgis.com) New addresses can be assigned to new buildings buildings receiving a utility service, duplexes, apartments,  substations, and towers. A 9-1-1 address can be modified if proven to be in error or inaccurate.  Citizens are responsible to provide their new or corrected 9-1-1 address to their local US Post Office to continue receiving mail. The new 9-1-1 address will be required before a building permit application can be submitted to the local Planning/Zoning department.  After a form has been submitted, Peoria County GIS will contact the requestor. Additionally, this form is only for properties outside of the City of Peoria and the City of Chillicothe, please email: City of Peoria: amcclain@peoriagov.org or City of Chillicothe: dpassage@cityofchillicotheil.org


Annual water maintenance

You may notice low pressure, discolored water. If you notice discolored water, run your cold water until it’s clear, also don’t do any laundry until it’s running clear. They are doing a different type of chlorine so you may notice a difference in taste and smell for a while. It’s no concern.

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Village Board would like everyone to lock their doors, vehicles and stay safe!



How to prevent the spread of Covid 19